Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sara Carson and Hero on America's Got Talent

Sara Carson does some amazing things with her dog Hero, as we saw a few months ago. On their televised audition for America's Got Talent last night, they performed a pirate-themed routine that had Hero wielding a sword! The crowd loved it, but the judges didn't. Except for Simon Cowell, who threw his weight around and got Carson and Hero into the next round. You can see the extended scene here. (via Tastefully Offensive)


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Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)

A new video for the song Immigrants (We Get The Job Done) from Lin-Manuel Miranda's album The Hamilton Mixtape relates the immigrant experience with performances by four rappers who are either immigrants or the children of immigrants. Uproxx tells us about the video.

K’Naan, a Somali Canadian, Snow Tha Product, a Chicano child of Mexican immigrants, Riz Mc, a British Pakistani whose parents moved from Pakistan to England in the 1970s, and Residente, a Puerto Rican rapper from San Juan, all relate their experiences growing up as immigrants or first generation citizens of their respective nations, highlighting the way that America (and England) exploit the cheap labor provided by immigrants while still only affording them second class status.
It's the first official video from The Hamilton Mixtape, an album of songs from the musical plus songs inspired by the musical.

Lost in Translation

The Cheetah Meow

Lions roar, cougars scream, and cheetahs …meow? We know that cheetahs don't roar, and can purr like house cats, but did you know that a cheetah will sometimes meow? I didn't, either. Found at The Daily Dot, where you can also hear a tiny lion cub try out his adorable roar.

Miss Cellania's Links

Paper Airplane Research Review. Quite a few scientists have spent serious work time folding and flying. 

Free Government Health Care Saved Mitch McConnell’s Heart. But he heartlessly wants to take away coverage for millions of Americans.

This Is How To Have A Great Vacation: 6 Secrets Backed By Research. Plan for everything, then be flexible and have fun!

When Grave Robbers Hold Famous Corpses for Ransom. Even death can't protect some folks from kidnapping.

Even in the 1700s, Book Clubs Were Really About Drinking and Socializing. Books gave them an excuse to party, and some members even read them.

Meet the dogs with OCD. Studying obsessive–compulsive disorder in canines could help us with a human treatment.

See 26 things that will make you feel incredibly old. I'm sure you'll relate to at least a couple of them.

We Taste-Tested 10 Hot Dogs. Here Are the Best. A few recommendations for your Fourth of July picnic.

The ghostly loneliness of Greece's roadside shrines. Each one represents lives lost in traffic accidents.

How Do Solar Panels Work? An animated graphic makes it seem less magic, but still a miracle.

We Need to Talk

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Cat Asks for Help, Gets It

The YouTuber who goes by the name "walter santi" (Walter is his/her dog, and Santi is the cat) tells the story of an injured stray cat who came to their house and asked for help. The video shows his wounds and may be disturbing for sensitive souls. You'll be glad to know the cat is fine now. Here's an update video taken 40 days later, showing him chasing around like he was never hurt. (via Laughing Squid)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Unfortunate Juxtaposition

Everyone is a Hero

The song "みんながみんな英雄" ("Everyone is a Hero"), from the Japanese singing group AI, became a big hit in 2016. The video is gorgeous, and full of wacky scenes depicting heroes from different folktales coming together. You might recognize the tune as "Turkey in the Straw." That song has a peculiar history in Japan, where it is known as The Oklahoma Mixer. Read about it at Metafilter.


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The Queen's Speech

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Miss Cellania's Links

It Was All a Dream!?!? It's a cheap way to change a TV show, but sometimes it works.

Gun owners are outraged by the Philando Castile case. The NRA is silent

Are Alien and Blade Runner Set in the Same Universe? After all, they were born inside the same brain.

Operation Tracer: The Secret Plan To Bury Soldiers Alive Inside The Rock Of Gibraltar. Spoiler- they didn't have to carry out the plan. (via Metafilter)

Dan Rather On Why America Needs More Empathy

A Hilarious Series of Tweets That Imagines What Dogs Would Say If They Could Call 911. You'll laugh, but you won't be surprised. (via Neatorama)

How the Great Yankee Wife Swap Scandalized—and Changed—America. The story of the baseball players who married each other's wives is being developed into a movie 44 years later.

Baby Name Guide: Updated for 2017. Learn the meanings behind "Donald" and Vladimir." (via Nag on the Lake

Why Fewer Lower-Class Americans Are Getting Married.

A Man and His Pineapple.

Tim the Enchanter

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Auto Nom

When you think of autonomous cars, you think of Google and Elon Musk and the idea of trucks with no drivers hauling loads down the highway. But why not think of the fun these cars can have?
Oh hello lovely machine, emancipating yourself from function... You look adorable, you know? Yes dear, you were built to be autonomous, it said so in the campaign brief.
No rush – getting from A to B was never an exciting idea to begin with, for your kind. Dance yourself clean, pull your metal frame apart and let the sun burn through your circuits. Ride your autobiography, guided by the beauty of your code.
 Director Julius Steinhauser of f°am Studio in Germany brings us Autonomous Rolf, a Mercedes Benz with a mind of its own, and a sense of fun that even the laws of physics cannot stop! (via Nag on the Lake

Monday, June 26, 2017

Sewage Treatment Plant

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One Tree, 365 Days

Italian photographer and conservationist Bruno D'Amicis set a camera up in a forest in the Apennine Mountains, trained it on one beech tree, and let it record for an entire year. This video contains clips of that recording that show the diversity wildlife that passed by, stopped to mark their territory, scratch their back, or take a bite. The song is "Have You Ever" by Brandi Carlile. You can see D'Amicis wildlife photography at Instagram. (via Tastefully Offensive)  


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For Best Results

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The 2017 World Taxidermy Championships

Every year, the world's top animal stuffers and fish carvers meet up to show off their skills and compete for cash prizes.  Emily Graslie of Brain Scoop works at the Field Museum in Chicago, but she was excited to attend the World Taxidermy & Fish Carving Championships in Peoria last month. Graslie can't contain her enthusiasm as she wanders among freeze-dried fish, animals made from completely different animals, recreations from scenes in nature, creatures in funny poses, and animals the judges had to look up to see what they're supposed to look like.  (via Mental Floss)